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About Florence Joliff                          



A native of Paris, France, Florence Joliff began her adventures in wine at the age of 25 when she went to Portugal to work for a Champagne company. It was in Portugal that she was introduced for the first time not only to beautiful sparkling wines, but also to vintage ports, great red wines and the new and exciting word of wine and food pairing.  Her love of wine was born.

Florence 's experiences in Europe gave her both the opportunity to deepen her wine knowledge and the unforgettable experience of tasting rare vintages from the finest cellars. As her knowledge grew, so did her passion and in 2003 she earned a Masters Degree (Master International des Vins et Spiritueux) in Dijon, Burgundy, France. 

As part of her coursework, Florence studied winemaking (oenology), sensory analysis (practice of tasting) and international sales.  She made extensive visits to leading wine producers in Europe during this time.


For over ten years, Florence has put her extensive knowledge to use by working both for and with such companies as Robert Mondavi and Gallo and by representing portfolios including Constellation, Catena, Grupo Claro. She has acted in a variety of business development, account management, and brand management roles within the industry. Florence has strong knowledge of markets in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. Upon moving to the Bay Area in 2011, Florence  created deWINE to dedicate herself exclusively to applying her experience and expertise to the winery industry.

Florence Joliff is a multi-cultural professional proficient in French, English, German and Portugese : She has an abiding passion for wine, food, design and all good things that go together!


" If I had to describe Florence Joliff in one word, it would be: Passionate. Florence is driven by her insatiable curiosity and is constantly learning more about wine.

It's this contagious enthusiasm combined with her years of experience and educational background that make her an ideal person dedicated to your needs.

She has both a traditional and a pioneering spirit, a blend of Old Europe and the New World. Florence Joliff combines these two visions of the wine world with ease, allowing her to explore the best of each and share her life-long passion: wine."

Thomas Duroux,CEO

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